Digital is underpinned by infrastructure, technology and know-how.

What we need

  • Data
    Users are generating a lot of data : they log how they feel, what they eat, how they sleep, etc. Then we need developers and Machine Learning to process and interpret these data.
  • The right team
    Everything is useless if you don’t have the right team dedicated to build your mHealth application. Strong technical knowledge and experience in the health sector should be combined to grasp the opportunities in mhealth.
  • Agility
    At MobilesDynamics, we are fan of Agile method. Agile is a software development methodology based on an iterative and incremental process. Agile allows mhealth solution to gradually expand in sophistication, rooted on identified needs rather than projected outcomes.
  • Regulations
    Lawmakers are working on regulations that facilitate mhealth builders and create freedom for change and in the same time protecting the patient. The European Commission support the innovation of great mHealth products.
  • Patient and conditions first
    We always put patient’s need first and work from there.
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Our Services

Hand crafted, user friendly websites & mobile applications, built to respond to the user on every device.

Have an idea we can help with? We’ve prepared a simple project planner to get to know you and your project better.

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We help you to create an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process. Do you have an idea to validate quickly ? Use our team to begin a solid, well-structured project. We will get you accustomed in the initial weeks, all of the time necessary to do analysis, design, development, publication and validation of the ideas…


We develop applications to be used on any devices.

In 2016, with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React and other new dev languages, we can create sites that perform to perfection on any device. And we take full advantage, responsive design is a must and soon a standard.


We test the code during development to ensure product robustness and enable the teams which come after us to be autonomous.

We develop our code with a high coverage test to guarantee quality and robustness. As developers, we are aware that tested code provides benefits to all parties.

H2020 & Grants

Excellence in the EU project development and proposal writing.


Would you like to develop a complex application from scratch? We offer a full team that is dedicated 100 %, an agile method of working with demo of established weekly features.

RUBY ON RAILS is a mature web-framework open-source, optimized in the speed of development and supported by a huge community.


Making faster, smoother UIs for data-driven Web apps

React is a Facebook- and Instagram-driven project that is providing the “view” part of the MVC (model-view-controller) development paradigm. It was created to enable developers to build large applications with data that changes.

Build your digital product

You already know what you want and are looking for a partner to build it? Collaborate with one of our agile design and development teams to get your vision to your reality.

Agile Development

We believe this is the best way to develop software. Like Ruby on Rails, agile software development is at the core of what we do. Our agile processes allow us to create applications in less time with fewer developers. We’re able to identify issues early and change direction quickly when needed.


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