The C-MMD team will create public online communities using major active social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter. In this document, these communities are named public communities or “C1” communities. The main objectives of these online communities are:


Public communities using Facebook and twitter platform, in Spain, UK, France and Italy . Increase awareness and prevention on cognitive impairment symptoms and support. This includes awareness raising campaigns on PLWDs’ needs and caregivers’ needs and on available ICT-based tools and their benefits; Generate leads;

C1 Level of privacy and security

End-user education, alongside documented policies and procedures, is the most fundamental protection that exists in the public social network platform. Not all privacy settings are created equal for FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN and TWITTER. For each channel, we will provide to members best practices.

The C-MMD platform will provide support for communities of caregivers and PLWD. In this document, these communities are named private communities. These communities (“C2”, “C3”, “C4“and “C5”) are private secure online communities to share experiences and tacit knowledge between caregivers, PLWD, social worker and health providers and to find support.


Caregivers private community; A private secure online community to share experiences and tacit knowledge between caregivers on health management and to find support; This community is supported by a role-based access control.

Types of users that can access to the C2 community: Admin, caregivers, health and social professionals

Types of actions:

  • caregivers, health and social professional can post content and comment contents, following the policy
  • local lead manager moderates the local C2 community
  • New posts are systematically moderated (e.g. a moderator approval is needed before published)
  • Comments do not require previous approval from a moderator to be published. However, moderator can delete comments if needed.

Information shared: public profile of C2 users, posts and posts’ comments information.