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We are co-creating the next generation of sustainable health solutions that improve access to health.

Our objective is to serve humanity’s most pressing needs. Our team is driven by a passion to solve a social problem, and we choose to use business as a mechanism to solve these problems.

We co-create ! Co-creation happens at the intersection of the social and business sectors, in order to serve unmet needs of individuals and communities at scale.

Since 2011, we are a team of engineers, doctors and designers working together to improve care delivery. We value transparency, creativity, curiosity and persistence.

We are developing mhealth solutions

  • for caregivers and people living with dementia
  • for people living with type 2 diabetes helping them to maintain good metabolic control in order to prevent chronic complications.
  • to help people keeping High Blood Pressure under control.

We apply agile methodology when flexibility can propel far more efficient results. We know how to do it and we do it well!

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board of directors

Complementary expertise

Evelin Lara, MD
Chief Medical Officer

As medical doctor, Eve is a key member of the executive team. She provides medical oversight, expertise and leadership to ensure the delivery of mobilesdynamics affordable quality healthcare services. Her responsibility also include collaboration with strategic business partners.

Frédéric Tétard
Founder of mobilesdynamics

Fred strives for innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. He is ambitious and untiring in his struggle for society’s most important issues and the search for new ideas, which can bring about large-scale change.


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